all day long - leading with passion and compassion

all day long - leading with passion and compassion

ABOUT Cathy Coombs

Cathy Coombs
I began my adult career alternating between motherhood and racing in the legal field for over 20 years. After spending seven years earning my journalism and writing degree in my 40’s, and realizing I had a compilation of non-fiction material everywhere, it needed to have a voice.  More...



You are what you think and all day long is dedicated to sending out that message.  I believe most people can achieve their answers to all their questions through thought productivity. With an increased level of awareness, a better character and relationship foundation is lifted off the ground.  With an understanding of the behavior of cause and effect, there is a better understanding of the value of influence. Productive thought processes cannot be achieved without thinking, listening and absorbing observations.

Every word in this book is a product of thinking, observing, opinions, perspectives, perceptions, life experience, and analysis of compassion and passion. The primary objective of all day long is to enhance, provoke, and further stimulate thought processes in an effort to increase level of awareness.