Recovery 2-Day North Pass

Self-Help and Personal Development

By I.D. Powers

Publisher : Telemachus Press, LLC

ABOUT I.D. Powers

I.D. Powers
Recovery 2-Day is a self-help group offering choice in the recovery industry.  Recovery 2-Day is both a short-term treatment plan and long-term treatment plan.  Recovery 2-Day was created for all people affected by a substance abuse or substance dependence problem.


To help increase the recovery rates in the recovery industry is the driving force behind R2D creating a true integrated recovery system that the industry has been searching for decades for? To be helpful, R2D had to design tools that anyone could use. That means the tools found in R2D are designed for people to experience, not debate. R2D needs your help.

Recovery 2-Day® (R2D) is created for anyone affected by a substance problem. The recovery industry is overwhelming when a person looks for answers to the most complex issues of our times. To simplify the entrance into recovery is one goal of R2D. R2D is based on a common sense approach to substance recovery, the questions R2D asks its reader is very simple, “Do You Think You have A Problem? That question starts the recovery process, and is followed by, “Do you want to do anything about it?” Rest assured there are no wrong answers to those defining questions. Come and learn what the science and medical community has discovered in the past five years. You will be “in” Recovery 2-Day, the moment you start.