Hot Summer Fling


By Toni Zuma

Publisher : Lyrical Press

ABOUT Toni Zuma

Toni Zuma
My goal as Toni Zuma is to write erotic contemporary romances so heavy with sexual heat that it sizzles off the page (ur...screen), making you cry out in pleasure. Fall into lust with Hot Summer Fling, then shoot me an email and tell me if it was good for you. When I'm not writing abou More...


Home from college on summer break, Lily Rios is bored to tears after only a week. Just when she's ready to run back to school early, she reunites with Jack Turner, the one who got away.

Back in high school, Lily had let others convince her Jake wasn't the "right" kind of guy: no money, no status and no power. Now that she's grown up and calls her own shots, she discovers just how very right Jack can be -- he knows where her lust switch is, and knows how to use it.

Their hot, steamy trysts give her mind and body satisfaction she never imagined until startling accusations threaten to tear the lovers apart a second time.

At heart, Hot Summer Fling is the story of one woman’s gift to herself: a romance that fulfills her, body, mind, and soul.

* If you are looking for a read that is quick, full of sex, and riveting, then this is the book for you. -- Tonya, You Gotta Read

*  ...lot of information and some very hot sex packed into the pages. If you’re looking for a quick, erotic read this would be a perfect read for you. -- Tracy, Book Binge 

*  Hot Summer Fling is most definitely hot. Set in the south, with sizzling hot men and women...this story will make you wonder just what you can learn from a summer fling. Find yourself and enjoy a Hot Summer Fling for yourself. -- Dianna, ManicReaders 

*  A good first person story can be hard to find, but this is one. I was very connected to the characters. Filled with WAY HOT loving, and female cattiness. It was well rounded and very enjoyable. A great read. My hats off to you, Ms Zuma, for a wonderful job done and here’s to many more in the future. 4 cherries. -- Wisteria, Whipped Cream

*  Hot Summer Fling is a story of discovery and finding love when you least expect it. I enjoyed reading this book...Ms. Zuma has penned a book that makes being a bad girl seem like a good idea, especially when there are hunky men like Jack involved. -- Sheryl, Sensual Cataromance

* I give this book high points for the sex scenes, although I would have liked to see just one more scene. I feel like I got my money's worth, and I hope Toni Zuma keeps writing hot little stories like this one. Rebecca, DirtySexyBooks