How To Meet A Guy At The Supermarket


By Jessica L Degarmo

Publisher : Night Publishing

ABOUT Jessica L Degarmo

Jessica L Degarmo
When I am not writing, collecting gemstones and spending time with my family of dogs, children and a husband, I am a country music DJ and the lead singer in a classic rock band.


Join Quinn on a hilarious journey of self-discovery and dating. Will she find a beefcake or a rotten apple? Will Quinn find love or sour grapes at the supermarket?

Quinn is a successful journalist who has been so busy trotting the globe looking for stories that she sort of forgot to invest in her private life.

Eventually, she takes on an assignment with a nationally-syndicated travel magazine back in her hometown in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is able to settle down. The problem is she's lonely. She's too young to be a spinster and too old to pick up a man at a bar, so what is she to

Quinn sets out to find a man in the unlikely setting of the Grocery King Supermarket. She devises crazy plans to find a mate, no matter what it takes.

Cue a whole series of misfortunes as Quinn is mistaken for a prostitute, has the whole world looking for her imaginary dog, and resorts to doing the strangest of things--like fainting in the bakery section--to meet the man of her dreams. And what does she have to show for all this trauma and hard work? Yep, a hapless collection of Mr. Wrong, Mr. Wrong and Mr. WRONG.

Jessica L. Degarmo's 'How To Meet a Guy at the Supermarket' is classic witty romance/ chick lit with a difference - Quinn actually feels like a real person written by a real person. You have probably met her, and she no doubt confused the hell out of you every bit as much as she confused herself.

Comment from Christina McClean, author of ‘From Under The Bed’:
Love every bit of this, from the humour, to the descriptions, to the character who is so honest, desperate, funny, intelligent. One of my daydreams has been to meet a guy in a supermarket - you have made a story which is so easy to relate to, an easy comfortable funny read.

Comment from author Lloyd Gordon:
Being a guy, I sort of hate to admit that I love this! It's all about an every-day girl struggling with emotional issues - a chick-flick on paper. It's very well written in a conversational, easy to relate to narrative in first person that strikes a chord with anyone who remembers the trauma of being single when you're ready to find your soul-mate. I'm thoroughly entertained with the humor of Quinn's predicament and her zany initiative in launching a project to source out a suitable man. I can see Jennifer Anniston playing the lead role when it's made into a movie.

Comment from Jeannine DeLine and Bobbi L’Huillier, authors of ‘The Long Black Veil’:
This is a story I wanted to curl up with and savor. I simply, genuinely liked Quinn and her quest for true love in the most mundane but necessary of places. To me, it was a nice parallel to an understanding that real life is more important in long-term relationships than white knights on horses or satin sheets. If you can survive the grocery store together, you can survive anything!

Comment from L.J. Trafford, author of ‘Palatine:
I am not one for chick lit normally but this was thoroughly refreshing. What I like about is your m/c Quinn. I always get annoyed with chick lit for having these heroines who are ditzy and silly despite having great careers. But Quinn isn't like that. She is someone who is touchingly lonely and just wants a partner, to be a unit as she says. And then you go in and tackle all those cliches used in films on how to pick up guys. The flashing of her assets scene I thought was great, in the films the sexy woman draws all eyes but here you show how completely implausible that is in the real world and similarly with her tactic of accidentally dropping something. This made this real and believable.

Comment from James McPherson, author of ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’:
You've given a whole new meaning to the phrase "Walking Down The Aisle",  and I fell for Quinn myself, immediately.

Comment from Terri Douglas, author of ‘Without the LCB’ and ‘Brainfog’:
It's real, it's funny, it's readable, it's brill. I'm so jealous.

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