By Teresa DAmario

Publisher : Freya's Bower

ABOUT Teresa DAmario

Teresa DAmario
Born in Atlanta, the daughter of an Army Soldier during the early stages of the Viet Nam war, I spent my childhood traveling from state to state, finally ending up overseas in Germany where I graduated high school six months early. My writing career however began as More...



A small town veterinarian has a big time problem. She's not human.

Plagued as a child with an extra-sensitive sense of smell, strength, and eyesight, Anna Callaway always thought she was special. But she didn't understand how special until she met Kieran Hunter.

He insists they are True Mates, but he's not human either. He's wolven.

Kieran is a protector of his race. No longer the Alpha of his pack, he spends his time searching out and punishing any who may reveal their race to humans. While patrolling, he finds two wolven about to kidnap Anna. He battles to protect her, but is surprised to find himself drawn to her in a way he never expected.

The couple must learn to deal with their differences before they can address their similarities. But when three men kidnap Anna, she must decide if she is to embrace the wolven way of life, or return to her quiet existence. And whether to abandon the man who claims her as his True Mate
SheWolf: Talk about an Action Packed Book!
--~ Dark Divas Reviews

SheWolf: a power struggle between a man and a woman, alpha males in the pack, love, definitely some lust, and plenty of action in all the right spots.
--~ Bitten By Books

~ SheWolf: Everything I love about a true Alpha hero.
--~ Ciara Stewart

SheWolf: 5 Delightful Divas and Recommended Read
--~ Dark Divas Reviews

SheWolf: Hero is strong, loveable, haunted, and ultimately flawed.I cried, laughed, angered, and loved these characters.
--~ GirlsonBooks

She Wolf: a magical and fantastical story with plenty of action and suspense.
--~ Romance Junkies Reviews