Leading Ladies: Women Who Inspire India Volume 1

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Sudha Menon

Publisher : 42 Bookz Galaxy

ABOUT Sudha Menon

Sudha Menon
Sudha Menon is a journalist with over two decades of experience in news and feature Writing. She has Worked in some of India's prominent newspapers, including The Independent (The Times Group), The Hindu Business Line (The Hindu Group), and Mint (HT Media in exclusive agreement with Wa More...



Leading Ladies is an inspirational book that follows the journeys of some of India’s most-admired women achievers who have made a difference to society with their stellar work and other pursuits that touch our lives, in more Ways than one. This volume brings alive their unique stories with personal anecdotes that will serve as a beacon for many of us.
While a lot has been written about how these women have achieved success, the book aims to highlight the guiding principles of their lives, the personal and professional beliefs that drive them, the life and management practices that have always stood them in good stead, and the nonnegotiab1es that have guided them on their path to success.
What makes the woman professional/ entrepreneur/achiever/leader tick? What is it that drives them? What are the rules by which they play the game? Is there a level playing field for women? Do women need a level playing field? Is there something males can learn from their female colleagues? Are women leaders also from Venus along with the rest of their clan or do they belong to Mars too? These influencers are well-equipped to provide the right insights.
The author borrows from her journalistic experience to elicit a fresh View from some of India's brightest minds; trendsetters who have not just carved a name for themselves in their chosen path, but have become the torch bearers for countless others in urban and rural India who want to follow their dreams, reach their goals, and give back to society.

Sudha borrows from her journalistic experience to elicit a fresh View from some of India's brightest minds; trendsetters who have not just carved a name for themselves in their chosen path, but have become the torch bearers for countless others in urban and rural India who want to follow their dreams, reach their goals, and give back to society.

“Grit, guts and gumption are some of the fascinating insights from the mind and soul of women who have changed the face of India’s workforce. Each story tells of meritocracy; not triumph over gender bias. The book is an inspiration for a generation and more.”

"I am sure Sudha's book on the inspiring lives of India's leading ladies will appeal to a varied audience, including young women professionals. The life journey of successful people, the joys and challenges they face and the manner in which they overcome the difficulties help individuals find solutions to their own problems. The simple and appealing style of the book makes it for very easy reading."
S RAMADORAI, Vice Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services

"A truly inspirational book bringing to life the strong sense of purpose that has driven the achievements of several outstanding women leaders in India. This is a book that should be read by both men and women. Women will surely feel energized at what is possible for them. For us men, it is another reminder of the enormous potential of women in business and all walks of life. This book will help the world realize the full potential that women have to offer."

VINDI BANGA, Partner CD&R; former Global President, Unilever PLC

“This book brings out in vivid detail stories of women who refused to be cowed down by circumstances and stood their own with dignity, rising above the ashes, not with arrogance, but with humility. It beautifully brings to light the human side of India’s women achievers and reminds us that every achievement comes after much sweat and heartbreaks. What is remarkable of these women is not only their indomitable spirit to rise against all odds, but also their urge to do something for others, especially so that others do not have to go through the trials and tribulations that they themselves had to undergo. Although their path to success was lined with difficulties, they felt the need to give something in return to the society in which they eventually succeeded. All these only drives home one thing I always believed: woman is not equal to man – and before any eyebrows are raised, let me rephrase it – woman is unique and she can, and will, make her own place.”
USHA THORAT, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

The book is very compelling and makes a lively read. I really enjoyed reading the interesting interplay between the personal and the professional dimensions of the people Sudha has profiled. It’s a must read. Very inspirational!
CYRIL SHROFF, Managing Partner, Amarchand & Mangaldas and Suresh A. Shroff & Co

“The book is a collection of the personal journeys of some remarkable and very eminent Indian women. These are women that we have read about and perhaps even seen some of them on stage somewhere, but the author has been able to persuade them to share with her some of their most private thoughts and reflections so we as readers can be an intimate part of these journeys and not merely distant observers. The women that the author has chosen to document, like most of us, have had to face their own fears and insecurities as well as confront some very real challenges. The stories that the author has been able to capture talk to us about the very personal pathways that each of these women took to get to their individual destinations and in so doing teach us and inspire us to live our lives with similar courage and determination.”
NACHIKET MOR, Co-President, ICICI Foundation;
Chairman, Sughavazhvu Healthcare

I have had the pleasure of reading portions of the book Sudha Menon has written on select women leaders in different professions. This is a well-researched effort to evaluate their achievements and the hard challenges they faced in their personal as well as professional life. The author needs to be commended for eliciting important details from the subjects she has chosen, bringing out their values and the factors which enabled them to successfully compete with their male colleagues in a not-so-friendly environment. I recall a classic answer given by a leading professional to the question whether selections at top level were fair to the women candidates in consideration. She had replied: ‘To excel among the peer group, a woman has usually to perform twice as well as a man; but then it is not that difficult.’ Ms Sudha Menon has strewn together a gripping account of interesting careers with remarkable skill and in very readable prose. I had the privilege of working with some of the people covered in this book in committees and conferences. My impressions about their calibre and quality are well reflected in this book.
NARESH CHANDRA, former Cabinet Secretary and Indian Ambassador to the USA