Revenge of the Siren Song

ABOUT Michelle Stinson Ross

Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson┬áRoss and her family relocated to South Florida over eight years ago. The area's rich maritime history fired her imagination. The true tales of shipwrecks, lost treasure, and pirates were a particular draw. Although she has been scribbling and making up wild tales most of  More...


Set sail for the Golden Age of Piracy with Captain Grace O'Malley as she fights for her way of life. True freedom can only be found aboard a ship for anyone who was not born a male citizen of the British Empire. The loose affiliation of pirates known as the Brethren flaunt their freedom in the Caribbean. But one particular scallywag intends to end it all and claim freedom solely for herself. The ruthless Captain Cutlass Lizzy Shireland has negotiated a pardon from the British Crown in exchange for he help capturing the rest of the pirate threat that torments lucrative colonial shipping.

As deadly as she is beautiful, Captain Grace O'Malley must strike an alliance with an old flame in order to continue to ply her trade upon the tropical sea. But the burning passions of Liam O'Shea threaten to unravel all her plots and plans. Find out what lies beyond the horizon for this band of miscreants in Revenge of the Siren Song.