#TEAMWORKtweet: 140 Powerful Bite-Sized Insights on Lessons for Leading Teams to Success

ABOUT Caroline Nicholl

Caroline Nicholl
After a hugely successful career in law enforcement spanning two continents, Caroline Nicholl launched her Organizational Development and Coaching consulting company, Blue Apricot Solutions, so that corporate America too could benefit from the lessons learnt in law enforcement. At Blue Apr More...



Caroline Nicholl tweets, “Leadership matters but…teamwork…defines true success.” She should know. In a career spanning two decades and two continents, she has made her mark in law enforcement and in translating the lessons learnt in law enforcement to the corporate world. As she explains in her highly-readable book, ’#TEAMWORK tweet,’ “Cops know good teamwork calls for candor, camaraderie and mutual accountability.” In the bite-sized wisdom that has become a hallmark of the THINKaha books,


Caroline’s book explains why teamwork matters in today’s business environment, given the multiple challenges and opportunities.


The book reveals what makes up an effective team, how to get a team to focus on its core purpose, and the role of strong (but not egotistical) leadership in team performance. It shows how teams and their group dynamics need to be constantly nurtured, so that the differences in personalities and perspectives of team members can be harnessed towards the collective goal or creative purpose.


In our shifting economy, the power of teamwork is ever more important. Yet many leaders are unaware of the essential ingredients for high performing teamwork. Contrary to popular wisdom, hiring smart people and paying them well is not enough. This kind of winging it, as '#TEAMWORK tweet Book01’ demonstrates, is not recommended when we are counting on teams for innovation, productivity, adaptability, effective resource utilization, talent growth, profitability and customer retention. As a leader or a member of a team, you need to learn what it takes to build high performing teams that support individual and organizational effectiveness, learning and growth. Read '#TEAMWORK tweet’ to learn why teams matter and what it takes to make them fly.

#TEAMWORK tweet ’ is part of the THINKaha series whose 100-page books contain 140 well-thought-out quotes (tweets/ahas).

"Caroline's work on teams is highly relevant, particularly in a tough economy: her insightful work with one of our divisional teams surfaced issues that clarified exactly the priorities the team needed to address to increase its performance in a way that the team could hear. The team quickly got motivated to action. Caroline's approach is practical, sensitive and to the point, precipitating rapid learning and improvement." --Jay Reid, Senior Vice President, Labor Ready Inc.