When A Man Of God Hurts You

When A Man Of God Hurts You

ABOUT Merilyn Williams

Merilyn Williams
Merilyn Renee Williams author & poet: There are those people who just can't seem to stay out of the headlines or in front of the camera for one second, out of fear that they might be quickly forgotten & then there are those whose friendly smile lights up a room & vibrant humble More...



She thought of him as a friend, but soon he had pronounced her as his wife-to-be. Preparation to become a First Lady, the wife of a Bishop - took time, money, and almost her life! Then she became determined to take back his power, and OVERCOME her situation. How Gwendolyn got to that point is detailed in the debut book by Author Merilyn Renee Williams. "When a Man of God Hurts You" - Overcoming a Hurtful Relationship with a Man in Ministry. When A Man of God hurts you is designed to help women overcome hurtful situations from relationships even in ministry. Merilyn has told a riveting story of how a relationship began as a fairytale and ended up a nightmare. Yet God pulled the character through and the author gives a step by step manual on overcoming hurt and getting back to your rightful place with yourself and with God.

A personal story I went through, I am hoping mys tory helps other women come out or overcome hurtful relationships with people in ministry.