I am a published author who just published my first novella, called Connected. I am a freelance writer, a wife and a mother.


Amanda Devorak's marriage is in trouble. The death of their only child caused Amanda and her husband, Matt, to drift apart, leaving Amanda lonely and resentful. Matt is consumed with his career and has put his relationship with his wife on the back burner. Amanda, in a moment of weakness, reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, Mike Alexander, on a social networking website. She has always wondered why he broke her heart and left her with no explanation. Through a series of emails and instant messages, she and Mike rekindle their friendship. When she unexpectedly runs into Mike during a weekend getaway, she is overcome by the feelings their reconnection has brought about. The two have an intensely personal conversation and end up sharing a kiss. Reeling with guilt, Amanda returns home feeling obligated to give her marriage another chance. 

Amanda's attempts to put her marriage back together come to a screeching halt when she learns of Matt's betrayal. This information leads her on a fact-finding mission which will change her life forever in this story of loss, betrayal, forgiveness and true love.