ABOUT Grant Andrews

Grant Andrews
“Back to Incomplete” started as a blog in early 2010, serving as a space where I could vent my uncertainties about life. I needed to reach my own understandings about spiritual ideas, and the blog offered me a safe space where I could reason through challenging concepts and principles. More...



Who am I?
Why is life so difficult?
What is my connection with God?
What is love?
What is the meaning of life?

Back to Incomplete is the new spiritual exploration by Grant Andrews, dealing with questions ranging from money, sex, awakening, love, service and the meaning of life.

Learn to love the parts of yourself that make you unique. Open pathways to godliness in your life right now. Reach for awakening and growth in every moment of your life. Back to Incomplete is aimed at bringing every part of your being into light and love, and facilitating your connection with the godliness around you and within you. It provides a challenging and enriching journey into your highest truth. The ebook contains 40 chapters divided into three parts: "Self-Knowledge", "The World", and "The Meaning of Life". Chapters range from topics like the body, mind, emotion and soul, to work, money love and sex, to universal concepts like courage, power, grace and the meaning of life.

“The Back to Incomplete should have been named Back to Complete as the author has brilliantly given guideline for the Humans to become complete. It is written in an easy going language. While going through four chapters, I felt union with the author as I had myself been going through the same experiences. I believe that there is always a yearning in every human being to know him/herself. That’s why Socrates said KNOW THYSELF”. – Khalid Gudaro, Tripoli, Libya


“Your first 4 chapters have been very intriguing. As I follow my journey to awakening, I understand it but can't get there. I am also developing a list of books for others who have become interested in their own journey. I think you have a great start and your meditations are wonderful. One of my first books I read on my journey was Jed McKenna Spiritual Enlightenment - The Damndest Thing. I see it as a great book but not for those just starting their journey. It really messed me up and I truly know that starting off with basic understanding, like you are teaching is better for us to start our journey”. – Joan Devine, Maryland, USA


“Let Grant, an acclaimed leading spiritual practitioner help you to discover, harness and unleash the limitless power of greatness within your being, to achieve your highest inherent aspirations. The One Universal Creative Intelligence aka God awaits your conscious alignment with Its all encompassing Love and Wisdom!” – Norman Buffong, Ontario, Canada