Suite Nothings


By J.M. Jeffries

Publisher : Parker Publishing Inc

ABOUT J.M. Jeffries

J.M. Jeffries
J.M. Jeffries is the award winning writing team of Miriam Pace and Jacqueline Hamilton.Authors of romantic suspense and romantic comedies, they can’t decide if they like killing people more than the like making them laugh.Miriam and Jackie have been writing together for fifteen years,  More...



Honey Harlow is in Paris to debut her new lingerie line, Sweet Nothings. Her career is finally going into high gear and the show is the first one to truly showcase her talent. She’s very career-driven and doesn’t want anything to get in the way. Honey has something to prove. The illegitimate daughter or an English Baron and a Vegas showgirl, Honey is more than a pretty face and a great rack. She is smart, driven, articulate and relentless. She is going to be the undisputed queen of the lingerie industry by the time she’s thirty.

Etienne Marais has eluded the clutches of high-fashion Frenchwomen for his whole adult life. At thirty-five he has no desire for entanglements. He has taken a small, family winery and turned it into a luxury goods empire.

And he wants to add Harlow to his empire. But he doesn’t reckon with Honey determination to remain in control of her own future. He sets out to woo her to his company and his bed.

From the Paris catwalks to the French countryside and the glitz of Las Vegas, the wily Frenchman pursues the elusive lingerie designer. And only until the learn to follow their hearts, will they finally find true love.

Suite Nothings came about because of a previous book that contained a character with an unusual and entertaining family background. They wanted to explore the idea of a retired Vegas showgirl and her daughters thinking to give each daughter a story. Jackie and Miriam love 30s screwball comedies and have always had a diverse sense of humor and when writing humor becomes a major part of the story.

Suite Nothings is an excellent read. It has a very romantic setting that is an integral part of the story. The secondary characters also have a major role in making Suite Nothings enjoyable. They add a realistic humor to a very romantic story. J. M. Jeffries also has a writing style that flows, which makes the story a very easy read.

Reviewed by Tenecia
for Urban Reviews