A Primer for Spanish Language, Culture and Economics

ABOUT Maria Lucila Ortiz

Maria Lucila Ortiz
About the Author Maria Lucila Ortiz moved to the USA from her country, Argentina, 15 years ago. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations from the Universidad Católica de Córdoba. She is  a successful business planning professional with a proven record of success in a varie More...


Author Lucila Ortiz offers an easy Spanish reference guide for business’s people; travelers and anyone that has the desire to learn the Spanish Language and Culture.

Trade is one of the most enduring issues in the contemporary U.S.–Latin America relations. To strengthen the development of this trade relationship, author Lucila Ortiz presents the Spanish Instructive Planner:Spanish for Beguiners, and A Primer for Spanish Language, Culture and Economics;  an informative guide that helps English-speaking individuals grasp, manage, understand, and conduct business in Spanish, and for all travelers as well