Be Forty and Fabulously Naughty

ABOUT Jacqi Thornborrow

Jacqi Thornborrow
I am quite an out there kind of girl. I am a qualified Ambulance officer (which I do voluntarily), a full time primary teacher, teaching 5-7 years olds, I am an author of a fantastic book. My hobbies are reading, riding my horses,¬†kayaking¬†and having duvet days. People consider me obsess More...



Fabulous and Forty is a Mantra for Jacqi Thornborrow. This young at heart woman enjoys making waves and has the courage to say, "Look at me. Here I am!"
Be Forty and Fabulously naughty is full of anecdotes and encouragement. it shows you have to be open enough to express yourself, and not simply live life vicariously through others who are more out going.
Anyone up for sky diving?