Different Shades of Gray


By Sable Jordan

Publisher : eXcessica

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Sable Jordan
Writer of multi-cultural erotica and seductive romances, and whatever else comes to mind.  Tattooed vixen. Wicked humorist. Incurable humanist.  Proud geek! Lover of pit bulls, fast cars, all music, and candy.  Alter ego of adventure/thriller novelist Isadora Monday.  That's the short  More...


It started with a favor.

Aspiring model Charlene Roberts is running late for an audition, so she begs her reliable sister to stand in for her at the casting for the wildly popular reality show Free Money. Of course Charlotte, a.k.a. Charlie, can’t say no. She could never say no to Charlene, whose agent believes a television appearance will boost her modeling career. Free Money is much like all contemporary dating shows: twenty hot women living in a mansion doing everything they can to catch the eye of one filthy-rich bachelor.

And that bachelor is the media’s favorite bad boy, the insanely sexy Jake Logan. This thirty-something hotelier and nightclub tycoon only wants one thing – to get his parents to stop meddling in his love life. What better way than to be trapped in a house with gorgeous women for two months, right? He’s already done the relationship thing, and has no intentions of doing it again. That is, until he meets Charlie…who he thinks is a model named Charlene.

Knowing how important this opportunity is for her sister’s career, Charlie finds herself trying to deny her feelings for Jake, since she knows at some point she’ll have to walk away from what could possibly be the love of her life.

Told in both first- and third-person points of view, Different Shades Of Gray is a delightfully modern twist on the classic switcheroo with moments of light-hearted comedy, severe sarcasm, and intense passion. It examines the contemporary state of dating shows and asks the question, does anyone truly fall in love on reality-TV?

Like most people I got sucked into the reality TV craze, and was especially addicted to the dating shows. And after you've invested so much time in these high-def relationships it starts to bug you that no one actually stays together in the end. So I was watching one day and thought, what would happen if twins did a switch on the lead guy? Hmmm.... Lo and behold Different Shades of Gray was born. I think of it as the modern twist on the old switcheroo.

  • I woke up to an e-mail from a reader and this is what she had to say about Different Shades of Gray:
Okay, so I decided to put Dickens aside last night in order to start your book before I went to bed. Well, I couldn't put it down & ended up staying up until 1am to finish it. It was soooo good! I kept telling myself 'Ok, next chapter I'm turning off the iPad' & I just couldn't do it. Great job & I can't wait for the next one. ;-) ...One of my friends just happened to ask for book recommendations this afternoon. She's downloading yours on her Nook tonight. ;-)
~Kandace B.