Courting Constance

Christian Books, Humor, Romance

By Teryl Cartwright

Publisher : Vintage Romance Publishing

ABOUT Teryl Cartwright

Teryl Cartwright
Born in Texas and raised in Pennsylvania, Teryl might be considered a true Yankee rebel.  She has been blessed in her life with a wonderful husband, two kids and way too many pets.  Her goal is to be published in as many different writing markets as possible. She has published two Regenc More...



“I will make him love me again.” With this vow, Constance pursued her former fiancé to Bath even though Geoffrey didn’t really want his not so “secret” admirer.  But when her creative attempts to win him back failed, Constance began to think that her best, most daring plan of all still wouldn’t be enough.


Sir Geoffrey decided that he also had a plan for the resourceful Miss Alford, although his ideas revolved around revenge. She would pay for trifling with the love he once offered her.  He would make her truly love him and then walk away from her, finally and forever.  Yet his heart gets in the way of his plans and even he can't predict what happens next.


I "courted" my future husband with some variations of the more creative ideas featured in this book. Luckily for me, he was not scared away by accordion serenades, food I didn't know he was allergic to or amateur poetry. (Though I did have a great start with an autographed sports program by a very famous coach that I got for him just by asking.) Many of my better ideas came after we were married, because after all, you should neverr stop "courting" your loved one.