In Remembrance


By Evelyn Wigglesworth Green

Publisher : PublishAmerica, LLLP

ABOUT Evelyn Wigglesworth Green

Evelyn Wigglesworth Green
Evelyn Wigglesworth Green currently lives in Bessemer, Alabama. She has been writing since she was a child of eleven. Evelyn is a widow with six children eight grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. One of her favorite pastimes is reading the Bible and writing more novels for her fa More...



Jason is not willing to put his trust in women, until he meets Sharon Butler. He cannot abide her rejecting him or giving him the cold shoulder. He doesn't like it or her; however, he is secretly drawn to her.

Sharon has a hidden attraction to Jason. On the outside she thinks he is an arrogant toad and can do without him and his awful attitude, but on the inside her heart and body is longing for him.

Will their differences keep them apart, or will their passion for each other bring them together to find true love?