Relationships Made Easy for the Business Professional

Relationships Made Easy for the Business Professional

ABOUT David Fraser

David Fraser
Dr David Fraser pioneers new approaches to old problems. One such focus is our ability to relate successfully to each other, whether at work, at home or anywhere else. Some attention to this often neglected area can turn out to be a life-changing experience, as it was for David himself More...



Learn about the 12 elements of The Relationship Formula in this accessible and easily-referenced book. Feedback consistently shows that the material is easily read and applied. The book was summed up well by recent comment from a US publisher…

Well researched and well written, the book provides deep and thorough insights that go beyond the material usually included in relationship books. Readers will find valuable material in this book to help improve the relationships in some (or all) areas of their lives.

Combining personal anecdotes with an approach developed through general observations, neuro-linguistic programming, and other psychological tools, the author presents a twelve-step learning journey that will lead readers to improve their relationships. This systematic approach to success in personal and professional relationships is thoughtful, complete, and original. The material is presented clearly, and the text is complemented with call out “Steps to take” and “From the example file,” which add to the overall content in an engaging manner. The chapters are well balanced and each one ends with a summary and a “relating to you” wrap up.

The author has done a great job of presenting the essentials of relationship management in a rich context that is applicable to both the personal and professional worlds.