Relationship Purgatory, for Two

Relationship Purgatory, for Two

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Karen Sala
Karen Sala is an author and human relationship expert. 



Product Description

You will embark on a journey of your relationship. For many couples, the days of frustration in communicating and understanding, can make it feel as if you are living a life through purgatory. Reading Relationship Purgatory, for Two will pull you deeper into your core being. The places that you will visit will enlighten you in understanding your own frustrations, hurt, pain and disappointments. Grasping at your own reality takes courage, strength, honesty, and a desire to stop and take a look at your life. Don't question what could have been, what has been. Finding your own focus in your relationship is wanting to know more about you, and your own boundaries, and understanding how you love, accept love, and give love.

What's the most romantic story ever written? It's your own. Don't believe it? Try it!