Christine's Short-Shorts

ABOUT Christine Brooks Martin

Christine Brooks Martin
Christine Brooks Martin is a bestselling author of prayer books, devotionals and inspirational titles. The focus of her writing is to evangelize the message of Jesus Christ and help others develop and deepen their relationship with God. Her motto is, "Lord may I share the knowledge of More...


“Christine's Short-Shorts” is a collection of stories and poems to inspire and encourage. They reflect the love, compassion and faithfulness of an Almighty God who reveals Himself to His sons and daughters in so many facets, so you can: Understand the keys to living a victorious life; the importance of yielding to the Holy Spirit; and the power of embracing your Kingdom identity and its benefits. 

Many of the stories are testimonies of how God, prayer and the scriptures played a significant role in how I live a victorious life. My relationship with God has enabled me to encourage others about the Kingdom promises of God and the benefits of having faith, hope and trust in Him.