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12 effortless marketing tips to consider for your book

If you want your book to generate curiosity among your potential readers, you need to resort to marketing. Marketing a book could seem too daunting for you, but it could be made simple will effective promotional strategies. If you require some help in this matter, we are here with several simple marketing strategies and promotional techniques that you can use to promote your book and attain the desired level of sales.

1. Create a prototype of your ideal reader

Speaking of book marketing and promotion, the first thing that needs to be done is to create an ideal reader persona who will really enjoy the book. Develop a detailed profile of this hypothetical reader which includes information like name, occupation and lifestyle. Think about this person every time you attempt to promote or market your book.

2. Create a facebook page for your book

Make sure you create a Facebook page and invest a little amount of money to increase the visibility and likes for the page.

The cost per like on Facebook is easily affordable, and also an insightful long-term investment to get the netizens to read your book as it’s a rarity for people who are on the social media site to ever unlike a page. It’s common for authors to overlook their social media bio, so it has to be carried out on a regular basis to stay relevant to the audience.

3. Republish one of your book reviews

You can include your review on Twitter and Facebook, along with an image of your book cover and pin it to the top of your feed so that every visitor can see it.

To find the link to your review on Amazon, go to the review section and click the permalink button. Then copy the address from your browser.

4. Consider changing your Author Bio if haven’t in a while

Carefully read the Author Bio that you have added in your social media pages. Have you recently modified the description? Does it require some polishing to make it more engaging to the readers? Think about all these aspects and make changes to the author bio accordingly.

5. Provide the advanced copies of your book to the eminent bloggers and reviewers

This is a sure-shot way of generating curiosity before the actual launch of the book. The reviews posted by the bloggers will also act as an indirect promotion. In this case, you can adopt tools like Edelweiss or NetGalley to find reviewers, or get in touch with relevant bloggers with a pitch on the book. While they can’t review books on the retail sites until the day of release, they can publish their reviews on their blogs, or on Goodreads.

6. Write guest blogs or editorials to media outlets

You can approach the niche (but relevant) blog posts as a guest contributor. In fact, you can also get in touch with prominent media outlets like HuffPost or Inc. You can either approach these platforms by yourself, or you can also choose to work with experienced publicists who have a lot of connections.

7. Use Metadata to Sell More Books

Metadata is the specific information that will distinguish your book from the others. It must be a significant part of your book marketing endeavours. You will see that while uploading your book to a publishing platform, you will be required to enter details like the book’s author and title, a short description, genre, and so on. This metadata goes a long way.

Spare adequate time for filling out the metadata information precisely since this is what will make your book appear instantly in searches performed on Google Search, Amazon search, or on Goodreads.

“This step can be compared to SEO for your book marketing. Just as SEO is important for the visibility of your content, the same rule is applicable for book marketing”, quips Jason Mulligan, senior marketing manager of MyAssignmenthelp.

8.  Ensure that your book cover is an instant attention-grabber

This is the point where you should be absolutely honest with yourself, or if you feel the need, you can get some valuable second opinion from your acquaintances. If you don’t present a top-shelf killer book cover, spare few minutes to look for a good book cover designer and get it designed.

9. Create a short URL account

You can create an account on bit.ly and shorten the frequently used book links, so they come across as way more appealing when you post the links on social media pages or incorporate these links to your blog posts as well. You can also choose to edit these short links to elaborate a little on your book title or author name.

10. Set up your Amazon author page

This is common for every bestselling author. So, if you haven’t thought about it before, this is your reminder to put up an author page on Amazon Author Central.

You can include your blog feed, choose to modify or enhance the look of your book descriptions, upload editorial reviews and utilize the page for so much more. All in all, Amazon author page is a must-have promotional tool.

11. Use Medium as a leverage

You can create an account on Medium and re-publish your most appreciated blog posts. It’s a fairly simple process to import articles from your blog, and Medium can help you reach out to many new readers. In this case, you must also put a link to the author’s website at the end of the article.

12. Update your email signature

You must use your email a lot, right? You can use your email as a method of word of mouth advertising. So, add your Amazon Author page or blog or even a thumbnail to your email signature.

This will act as the easiest and ongoing book advertising for you.

Final words:

While you can always pay a hefty sum of money for an elaborate marketing procedure, you should also try to make the most of the DIY culture. These effortless marketing processes will scale up the sales of your book in no time.

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Sienna Brown is a senior marketing manager with a distinguished multinational corporation. She has pursued her MBA from the University of Melbourne. Apart from this she is the great assignment writer on marketing related subjects.

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