5 Tips for Authors to Do Well in a Radio or TV Interview

If you are an author who has just delivered a bestselling novel, you can watch your life transform right in front of your eyes. While some of those changes are pleasant, there are some which can be quite overwhelming. An interview – be it on radio or television – can definitely leave you with sweaty palms.

If you have appeared for a few interviews in your life, you must be aware of the drill. But if it is a completely new experience for you, it will definitely add to your anxiety levels. The worst part is that you cannot solve this problem by trusting others with the task. As a child, you must have trusted the online academic services and opted for assignment help to bring an end to your worries. However, an interview is something you have to face all by yourself. If you are on the lookout for tips to help you prepare for the interview, keep reading this post.

Practice in front of the mirror for better speech delivery:

Let’s admit that not all of us are great orators. If this is your first radio or television interview, you might experience some fumbling or choking when things start to go south. The best way to tackle such challenges is by working on your speech.

What you say during the interview might have a great influence on your readers. So, you need to be careful about every word you say in the interview. To ensure that you are spontaneous during the interview, practice speaking to the mirror for at least 10-15 minutes before going to bed.

Go through your writings before the interview:

A good interviewer always does his/her research before conducting an interview. As the author of a particular novel, book, article or thesis, you should be able to answer all the questions related to your book. If you cannot, it may cost you dearly.

As an author, you are less likely to forget the information that you have used in your work. But to ensure that you are able to answer all the questions in the interview, it is advised to go through your own work the night before the big day.

Talk to the interviewer before the interview:

Interviewers can be intimidating at times. And if you haven’t done any live interview on radio or television before, you are likely to get cold feet. In such situations, it is helpful to talk to the interviewer before the interview begins. This can help you build a good rapport with him/her.

You can talk about random things that you feel comfortable discussing or get straight to the business by inquiring what kind of questions he/she has prepared for the interview. Getting a heads up before the interview can help you stay calm throughout the interview session.

Be prepared for personal questions:

Whether the interviewer chooses to tell you about the questions or not, most interviewers try to get a candid answer from the interviewee by asking personal questions. This may not always be fun. In fact, some questions can put you in an embarrassing situation if you cannot handle them well.

There are several ways to dodge questions that sound too personal. You can follow the talk shows on TV and radio to get an idea of what might lie in store for you. It is always better to go prepared, especially when you don’t have any experience with radio or TV interviews.

Listen to soothing music:

The aforementioned tricks can help you do well in your interview. However, if you have never appeared for TV or radio interview, you are most likely to feel jitters until the interview is over. Well, you can listen to soothing music on your way to the TV studio/radio station to stay calm.

If you feel relaxed by doing other activities, you should go for it before the interview. Since, the time and space will not allow you to do a lot of things before the interview begins, listening to music is the best option you got.

The aforementioned tricks will help you to calm your nerves and help you to answer questions that are on the edge of being tricky. Radio interviews will take it easier on you as people cannot see your face. Talking of TV interviews, you need to look confident and let go of inhibitions that can ruin your moment.

Pro tip:

Spotting the cameras before the interview can be of great help. It will also make you look good on the silver screen.

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