TGIF Book Marketing Tips: Authors: Make yourself memorable at any event

Guest Expert: Teresa Morrow

You sign up or join a writers or authors group because you want to meet people in your industry who live in your local area. You want to be around people who will understand, share and support your endeavors of writing and getting the word out about your book.

However do you know how to increase your chances of people remembering you once the event is over or do you not even think to give it a second thought?

Let’s look at this scenario:

When you are getting ready for the event, you just grab a pair of jeans and a pull over shirt. You figure it is just a local event so you don’t really need to dress up, casual will work for this event.

Upon arriving at the event you enter the room you acknowledge those people who say hi as they pass by. You go and grab a drink and start to walk around the room. A lady approaches you and introduces herself. You then respond by telling her about your book and then in a few minutes she leaves. You continue around the room, meeting a few more people, here and there but you notice they don’t seem to wish to stay and talk too long.

And the end of the networking event, you leave with a couple of business cards from a few people you met, but are left feeling like you didn’t really a good impression.

Here are a few ways to make you more memorable at any event:

1) Dress to represent the best you

Not every occasion needs a suit and it may not even be aligned with who you are and the message you are trying to share with you book. However, be sure your represent you as an author. By dressing to represent the best you, your confidence will radiate to other people. People are naturally drawn to people with confidence.

2) Make eye contact

When you approach someone, be sure to look them in the eye and say “hello”. By greeting people and making eye contact, it shows the other person you see them and in return it creates a better possibility the person will remember you too.

3) Talk about them

When you meet someone, it is best not to override the conversation by talking about yourself and your book the whole time. Create a conversation around the other person by asking questions about their work and their interests. Continue the discussion around how you may be able to help them.

4) Give back

When you first meet someone, find a way to be supportive and offer advice or a helpful resource to them. Many times in a conversation, you will find an opportunity to offer a helpful resource, tip or idea that will move the other person forward.

5) Don’t be shy

If you find other people are hesitant and not coming up to you during a networking event, you make the first contact. People like it when someone else takes interest in who they are and what they are doing. Again, when you make the initiative, you show your confidence. And people enjoy doing business with or (reading about) people who are confident.

You make an attempt to connect with your fellow writers and authors in your area by attending a local networking event. Make the event count and make yourself memorable by not being shy, giving back, talking about them and making eye contact with those you meet.

Teresa Morrow is an Editor at Large at WE Magazine for Women ™ and monthly blogger for BookBuzzr. She combines her three passions: writing, reading and networking in her business, Key Business Partners, LLC. She manages online promotional campaigns for authors to ease the stress of doing it all by themselves. Teresa enjoys her work as she helps spread the message of her clients’ books with other people. She is available for 20 minute free consultation. You can contact her via email or visit her website.

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