What is BookBuzzr?

We recently received an email from an author asking “What is BookBuzzr?” As some of you, who have been following us know, we’ve grown from just one product (the BookBuzzr Widget) to several different technologies. The one thing that is common among all of our products and technologies is that they are all focused on […]

How to Market Your Book By Sharing Your BookBuzzr Book Widget on Facebook

The BookBuzzr Book Widget allows you to share your book sample and other information on Facebook. This is an effective method to promote your book on your Facebook profile without being overtly pushy. Your friends and fans can also share your book on their own Facebook profiles with just a few clicks. If you are […]

BookBuzzr Brand Definitions

For your quick reference, below are the short descriptions of various BookBuzzr brands that you keep seeing: BookBuzzr – The company that provides various book marketing technologies to authors. BookBuzzr Games – A technology from BookBuzzr that helps authors market their books to book lovers through online games (formerly referred to as CoverBuzzr). Freado – […]

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