Coming Home to my Heart; For Inner Peace

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Donna Solitario
Donna Solitario

Author, Poet, Teacher, Poetry Ambassador, Mentor, Speaker, Mother and Grandmother

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Embrace the Light; a Woman's Story Through Poety to Touch Your Heart

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This book is a powerful story of child abuse, domestic violence, relationships, parenting, adversities, love, friendships, forgiveness, faith, hope and love, all in verse in and prose.

I am a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence. I am a recovering alcoholic with twenty one years of sobriety. I wrote my book to reach out to others to foster hope for those who have been abused or know someone who has been. It is a prevention of child abuse with awarenessess of how abuse affects others. More importantly, it enables the reader to have hope and become a survivor through forgiveness, nature, and spirituality.

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Donna Solitario/Coming Home to my Heart for inner peace