Embrace the Light; a Woman's Story Through Poetry to Touch your Heart

Young Adult, Poetry, Christian Books

By Donna Solitario

Publisher : Outskirtspress

ABOUT Donna Solitario

Donna Solitario
Donna Solitario

Author, Poet, Teacher, Poetry Ambassador, Mentor, Speaker, Mother and Grandmother

Author of:

Embrace the Light; a Woman's Story Through Poety to Touch Your Heart


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Beautiful and Inspiriational poems in verse and prose on a mydriad of topics most of us go through in our journey of life.

One day one of my Job Corps students was down over the break up of his girlfriend. I wanted to cheer him up so I gave him a poem to inspire him. The next day he came to school with the poem in a beautiful card he made himself. He told me that the poem inspired him and gave the poem to his girl and they got back together. The next day, several other students asked me to write them poems. I was touched deeply and decided to write poetry books to touch as many hearts as I could. I thank all of my students who showed me I have a gift which I thank them and God every day for to touch the hearts of others to make the world a better place. Sincerely, Donna Solitario

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