Going Greek


By Lelani Black

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

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Lelani Black
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Underwear model gets down to mischief.

A trip to the sultry Greek island of Corfu with my best friend inspired this sizzler of a story. Hot beaches, blue velvet seas, an island steeped in legend easily set the tone for me to create a fictional couple; a lingerie model and a Greek businessman, both charming, both irresistible--except he has no wish to be tied to any long-term affair. I threw in some sparkly Corfiot wine, sun, sea, handcuffs...and let the laughter and passion ignite.

5 Heart review from Teresa T at The Romance Studio

Going Greek

Lelani Black
Contemporary romance
Available from The Wild Rose Press
July 2011

Marigold Laurent arrives in Greece with her sister Jasmine and they are waiting in the airport for Jasmine's husband Stavros. As they wait for him, Marigold runs to the conveyor belt to grab their bags but runs into a very sexy Greek man. The sexy man turns out to be Stavros' twin brother Dmitri. This story starts with a crash, bang and barely pauses to take a breath.

Marigold is not just there on vacation with her 'expecting' sister, she's also trying to heal her broken heart. Dmitri, besides being what anyone would want in a hero, also is a very over careful with his emotions. I must say that Ms. Black painted the two of them very well. They both had trust issues and secrets but they both were almost obsessed with one another.

I really loved their relationship, the ups and downs of first meeting and the process of falling in love. It is very dramatic and sensual, but it also had a happy ending which I wasn't sure it would have (hence the drama). Ms. Black wrote such a good story, I actually couldn't put this down. Then I went out and bought another of her stories. I loved this one and only had two wishes when I completed reading: I wished it was longer and I wished I had been to Greece.

Overall rating5hearts.gif
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
August 25, 2011

Here's a review from erotic romance author, April Vine, whose books are so staggeringly sexy, they make me quiver: 

I loved it Lelani Black! I gobbled up every scrumptious word of your hot Greek Goodness, sometimes I gobbled the same words twice they were so tasty and I beamed! The setting is bliss, the characters exuberant, the handcuffs sparkled and the hotness went right off the charts!