BLACK MEN: How They Date, Love, and Marry - or Not!

BLACK MEN: How They Date, Love, and Marry - or Not!

ABOUT Christopher Nazareth

christopher Nazareth


This book is about Black men, dating and their role in the most significant crisis in Black America – the diminishing Black family. It offers insight into areas of their psyche, emotions, and behavior, previously unknown to most, with the intention of bringing understanding to the ways in which they love, date, and marry – or not.

““Black Men” is a must-read for all women who desire an intimate, progressive, and promising relationship with a black man.  It is also an eye-opener to black men who may not understand their sometimes unproductive and negative behavior in relationships.  Chris . . . has brilliantly exposed areas never before explored by other authors.  “Black Men” is the last book you’ll ever need to buy in regards to understanding black relationships - Period.” 

Nichelle Brewer, On-Air Personality, XM Radio

This book is intelligently written, well versed, well researched and a valuable resource for anyone considering a relationship, in a relationship, or ending one. 

Jeanine Burse, Ph.D.


“This fantastic work invites the reader into the thought process needed to understand Black men and their role in relationships. The knowledge gained during that process is the beginning of healing our families and community.  I was touched both intellectually and emotionally by this journey through the mind of the Black man.” 

Naima Wong, Ph.D., Community Health Consultant, Georgia State University