Signature Tastes of Boise

Cooking, Food & Wine

By Steven Siler

Publisher : Smoke Alarm Media

ABOUT Steven Siler

Steven Siler
Steven W. Siler is a firefighter-cum-chef serving in Bellingham, Washington.  Long marinated in the epicurean heritage of the Deep South, Steven has spent over 20 years in the much-vaulted (?) restaurant industry from BOH to FOH to chef.  In addition, he has served as an editor and contr More...


The restaurants that were gracious enough to share their time, recipes and stories that make up The Signature Tastes of Boise truly have defined the taste of the city.  Now, few are what would be classified as “fine dining”, and keeping with the low-keyed pulse of the city, many do not want to be.  These establishments are much more than businesses; they are an integral part of Boise and share in its culinary heritage. 
I had bought my wife "Signature Tastes of Bellingham" last year for Christmas. Not only did she love it, but so does her family from out of town. When they visit, they look through the book and pick the places they want to eat out at. We had been anticipating the second book in the series "Signature Tastes of Boise", and I'm pleased to say that it lives up to the original in every way. The introduction to the cities culinary history is very fascinating and informative, and the recipes and restaurants featured are one again top-notch. The author must be quite passionate and motivated to be able to compile such a comprehensive and complete list of local eateries. I can't wait for more cities to be released in this series.-Glass House,