Raising Teenagers.The Best Way

ABOUT Devika Primic

Devika Primic
I am  South African,  a writer and now living in Croatia, the most southern part called Konavle



Parenting teenagers have become challenging, and so much has changed.

My new book titled Raising Teenagers The Best Way is an excellent guide to parenting teenagers.
Depressed, bullying, and cybernet bullying, troubled teens and lying teens are just some of the problems arising with teenagers, and most parents fail to see these aspects from the start.
Parents require time with their children in order to focus on their children's lives.  Often this is  a failure in many families regardless of what goes on parents seem to be occupied.  If parents  spend time with their children from day one many issues won't be ignored, your child depends on  you as the parent to learn and grow, and teenagers need to be guided in these ways, it is not about arguing and yelling, communication and understanding is crucial trusting and letting your children know you love them is very important 

Parenting teens the simple way a simple guide for parents and teenagers to learn together. Focus on the many aspects of a teenager's life that is often ignored by most parents, like depressed or suicidal teen

Devika Primic offers simple, honest advice for raising teenagers. This book is an easy read, written by a pretty wise Mom. Although I may not agree with every point, overall, the book's emphasis on communication, gets a rating of five stars from me. Ms. Primac presents her advice clearly and with a spirit of compassion. The topics covered are relevant and timely.