Embrace the Night


By Eboni Manning

Publisher : Outer Banks Books

ABOUT Eboni Manning

Eboni Manning
I write under two pen names, Alexandra Kane and Kianna Alexander. I'm a married mother of two young kids, who wedges writing time in between kissing boo-boos and my day gig as a freelance copywriter. I write in several genres, including romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and histor More...



John Groves is a professor of World History in Raleigh by day. But outside the world of academia, he uses his special talents as a telekinetic to fight crime as a member of PHOENIX.
Tatiana Yates owns a beauty shop in downtown Durham. After leaving the hot curlers and shampoo bowl behind, she releases the tigress within, running free in the forests around RTP. And ripping the bad guys a new one as a seasoned PHOENIX operative.
When the two are paired together to solve the mysterious disappearance of priceless artifacts from the North Carolina's Museum of History, can they fight their fiery attraction long enough to get the job done?

I had the idea for this book while writing the first one in the series (Darkness Rising). I knew I wanted to use the woman in charge scenario from the beginning, and with Tatiana and John, it immediately led to fireworks!

Four Star-Pack Howl Review from Kayla, Bitten By Paranormal Romance

"Tatiana is a fiery shifter that takes charge of every situation she’s put in. When she is put as the superior officer to lead a team to solve a series of robberies, she immediately butts heads with John Groves. John is a telekinetic history teacher that tries his hardest to push Tatiana’s buttons. The sexual tension between the two is evident throughout the story, and their hot night together just makes it that much more prevalent. Together, with the help of their team, they use everything they have to find out who is behind the robberies.
Embrace the Night is the second book in the Phoenix Files series. Reading the book made me want to go back and buy the first one in the series. Although I’m sure reading the first book would make a few things make sense, it is not imperative to read it to understand the book."