A Generation of Curses

ABOUT Faatima Albasir-Johnson

Faatima Albasir-Johnson
A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Faatima Albasir-Johnson’s creative mind began at a young age.  It came as no surprise that her creativity transitioned into the literary world.   Her years of experience as a photo lab manager, and starting an event and party planning business with More...



Khadesia Hill s life could not be better. She is the wife of the debonair Assistant Pastor, Malcolm Hill, youngest son and first choice to succeed his father as pastor of the mega church, Solid Rock Christian Ministries. Obedience to the Lord led her to California twelve years earlier where she met and married Malcolm, and gave birth to their daughter. Her world shatters when a detective shows up at her business one day. He claims to have evidence that could possibly link her to an ex-boyfriend s murder ten years ago in her home town. Secrets about her past unfold and cast shadows over her pure reputation in the church and with Malcolm s family. When the news is revealed, Malcolm s older brother Corbin and his wife Stacie step up efforts to win Corbin his father s seat as the next pastor. Stacie s friend Maxie, who has a long-time attraction to Malcolm, enters the picture at the wrong time and causes a love triangle by trying to sway Malcolm her way. Will Khadesia s and Malcolm s faith and trust in God remain steadfast through the crises in their lives.