Solutionize and simplify

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Sameena Khan

Publisher : Strategic Book Group

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Sameena Khan
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This is a life-changing book that will teach you how to implement straightforward resolutions to complicated issues. This book will allow you to pick up one book and find solutions for multiple areas in your life you can use improvement in. What situation would you like to solve? Solutionize! and Simplify… offers a roadmap to a simple, harmonious way of tackling adversity. This makes an excellent Holiday or Birthday gift for anybody that needs a little inspiration!

I absoultely love this book, it is full of tremendously useful yet concise ideas. I'm able to look up almost any topic and instantly find easy to read advice and tips. So many self-help books spend hundreds of pages just getting one point across, but Solutionize is a thousand self-help books in one. This book stays on my kitchen counter most of the time, it's like having an expert opinion on hand for any situation. Worth every penny and much, much more!

This review is from: Solutionize! ...and simplify (Paperback)
A great book on how to help steam-line your self, day, family, health, and home. Ms. Khan provides easy to follow list to simplify your life and decrease your stress. An essential book to anyone wanting to improve their family life, health, or personal goals. Solutionize! and Simplify..., increases your awareness of the areas in your life that need focus and change. Thank you Ms. Khan for the wonderful work.