For the Sake of Amelia - Inhibition


By Valerie Bowen

Publisher : Valerie Bowen

ABOUT Valerie Bowen

Valerie Bowen
Single mother of two grown children. Author of For the Sake of Amelia series. I am a full time designer and am currently workin in a small engineering firm.


After having to fight her captor for her freedom, Amelia tries once again to return to the strong woman she was before her ex-husband Ray brutally whipped her and left her for dead.

Amelia has become terrified to be alone and wants nothing more than Kyle’s strong arms to hold her up and protect her from all the evils life has to dole out. The terror she tries to bottle up inside is about to explode and the emotional mess in the days to come is more than she can take

She finally realizes the only way to regain her courage is to go back to where her private torment began. In Colby Kansas Amelia decides to conquer her biggest fear of all, the one that started her on the downward spiral of losing her independence and self respect. With Kyle by her side she returns to the barn and all the memories she has forced herself to forget.

Hearing the news of the escape of her captor brings fear for Amelia’s safety to the forefront of Kyle’s mind. He is faced with the realization Amelia’s nightmare is on his way to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his.

Alexandra Tesluk Gibson 
Valerie Bowen captured us with "Tormented" and then follow-ups with "Intuition!" What an excellent read; the storyline continues with lots of twists and turns and leaves the reader breathless. Fans old and new will not be disappointed "forthe sake of Amelia". You can't help but root for her throughout the series. Congratulations on another great read! I know "Retribution" will bring justice for Ameila!! Please support Valerie's writing talents and buy her books!! I know I am hooked!!