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James Vandenburg
James Vandenburg is a geek. He's also a Writer/Author, Composer, Motivational Speaker and quite often, a Philosopher. He holds Bachelor's degrees in Music and Philosophy, a Master's in Music and continues to be an eternal student of life and culture with a penchant for reading everything h More...


Making Life Better is an invitation to own our part of our making and embrace our opportunities to make out lives better. It's about allowing our routine and daily choices of action, reaction, thought and feeling to be more profoundly connected to who we are, what we desire and what's most important to us. It's an invitation to turn off our auto-pilot setting and letting our sense of purpose, identity and direction break into out lives with greater wisdom and clarity. 
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"Anyone who talks to somebody during the day will enjoy reading this book" - C. Suvak, 
"You gotta love a book that begins with, 'Well... Duh?!' and ends with, 'Namaste.' " - D. Atherton, Chicago, IL