Motivating Children to Excel in Reading: A Guide for Parents & Teachers

ABOUT Terry Hueffed

Terry Hueffed
Terry Hueffed, is a retired grammar school teacher and pre-school director. He has taught classes in child development, child psychology, parenting skills, & reading. Mr. Hueffed is a guest lecturer on many subjects of interest to parents in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has two c More...



How to help your child read!  See the E-book, “Motivating Children to Excel in Reading: A Guide for Parents & Teachers,” by Terry Hueffed.  This book is filled with successful ideas and games to motivate children to read. This is a short essay of practical, time proven, ideas that have helped countless parents, pre-school teachers, primary teachers, and children over many years. These are the best ideas that motivated children to become readers for life.  It is my purpose to help parents and teachers all over the world to motivate children to be avid readers. This is not a book about theory only practical time proven ideas. If anyone has questions about the implementation of any of these ideas feel free to E-mail me at  This is a E-book and can be found at the following URL address

I have been a teacher for 19 years. I have taught reading readiness and reading as a pre-school teacher & as a primary school teacher. My reading program was inspired by God because it was very successful. One of my children came into my class not knowing the alphabet and by the time he finished 2nd grade he was at an upper third grade level, all in one year.

Children who include any kind of reading or story-telling as a part of their daily lives, are the most teachable of all. This has an important bearing on the future of mankind. This author's experiences have enabled him to see, to understand and to present to others, the success he has had with the elements expressed in this book. It is a comprehensive and well-worded presentationof tried-and-true methods he has used. What he offers here should prove invaluable to parents and educators alike. A worthwhile read.  Guy Mendie
I find the techniques in this book extremely effective, they are easy to follow and will absolutely make a difference in a child's reading ability! Take the time to do a few of the exercises and simply sit back and watch the results. The author Terry Hueffed is a good teacher, I still have an article in the paper about his superior techniques and this is when he was just starting his teaching career, now he has years of experience to bring you his most effective, quick strategies at your fingertips. Both teachers and parents can benefit from many of the techniques and resources he provides. Growing up I was taught many of these techniques and I was always leaps and bounds above the average reading level for my class, later I was placed into accelerated english classes, I have a BS in Journalism and I attribute these skill-sets to the techniques I learned, many of them described thoroughly in this small gem of a book! Sherry McVey