Daily Affirmations For Love: 365 Days of Love in Thought and Action

ABOUT Mamiko Odegard

Mamiko Odegard
Dr. Mamiko Odegard met her love and soul mate when Greg Odegard entered her life, at the college library. It was practically love at first sight as they were drawn to the other’s magnetism – especially to their joint sense of humor and their ability to converse so easily. Greg’s read More...


The author's hope is that her readers can all experience the closeness, romance, passion, joys, peace, and dreams that are possible in all relationships. 

Although you will find yearlong meditations for each day, you may begin anytime or anywhere in the book. It is not a workbook but rather a collection of daily affirmations to promote love. It can be used to increase the awareness of the gifts and possibilities open to us all in every loving relationship.

Whether you read it as a couple or individually, have fun doing the suggested activity for the day. Many of the activities can be modified to do with a partner or they can be done alone.

Simply open to any page and begin. There are ideas for small and large actions, and changes in perspective that you can use daily to show your love. Thoughtful gestures and words can quickly enhance the dynamics of a relationship.

This book was inspired and written to express love and gratitude to my husband, Greg. As our anniversary approached, I wanted to give him a very personal present. I felt the ultimate gift would be a book expressing my many sentiments about him. I not only wanted to acknowledge and celebrate our relationship, but to thank him for being such an incredibly loving person. He has brought me complete happiness and affection – more than I ever imagined was possible. This is my way of openly proclaiming my love to my darling. Daily Affirmations for Love can be used daily to recognize, remember, and celebrate the love and warmth toward a special someone in your life. It is my hope that this book will be read together as a couple. These expressions of love through verbal communication and acts of kindness can be shared with lovers, parents, children, and friends.

~ Ken D. Foster, Author: "Ask and You Will Succeed"

As you read this book you will find that the message which is hidden below each daily affirmation is that you do not have to be some super star or extraordinary person to have a great relationship.  Rather you can have an extraordinary relationship by doing ordinary things on a day to day basis.  As you read Mamiko’s heartfelt insights to relationship success, you will learn to overcome obstacles, how to focus your attention and work hard on matters of importance, how to eliminate negative thinking, how to open up your creativity, and find true happiness in your relationships. 

Imagine having the relationship of your dreams and then being able to maintain the deep love and connection you felt when you first met.  Imagine letting go of any problems you are having in your relationship and then making right choices on a daily basis to bring your relationship to a ten!  Imagine showing up every day with enthusiasm for your relationship and creating a compelling future together.  Well you can have this and much more when you model the formula for relationship success that Mamiko gives you in this incredible book.