Travel around the world - The ultimate guide to plan your big Trip!


By Jeannette Zeuner

Publisher : Zeuner Publishing

ABOUT Jeannette Zeuner

Jeannette Zeuner
Jeannette Zeuner is a travel writer specializing in tourism publications. She has a degree in tourism management and desktop publishing. Jeannette also now runs a graphic design agency and offers graphic design for book publishers and for tourism businesses.



Planning a Round the World trip? Wether you´re taking a break from your 9 to 5 job or right after uni, this book will get you on the way! Fully packed with information on flight tickets, route planning, financial issues, air- and buspasses, packing list and working opportunities abroad it will show you how to plan your RTW trip. You will find out, where to go when and which round the world ticket to buy. Read travel reports from experienced globetrotters and get inspired! Start planning your big adventure now!

This guide will help you to:

-  plan your dream route around the world

-  plan your budget for the trip

-  know as much about the flight options as the travel advisor

-  buy the right insurance, travel kit and gear

-  sort out things at home while you are away

-  choose the right accommodation on the way

-  organize a language course

-  get a job abroad or work along the way

- connect with other travellers

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Hi there, I wrote the book after having travelled around the world myself and I hope it helps you to get on the way. If you would like to receive it as .epub or .mobi, just contact me. Thanks and enjoy ;)