Writer's Retreat New York-Best Cafes for Writers,Bloggers & Students


By Juliet C. Obodo

Publisher : Orange Light Press

ABOUT Juliet C. Obodo

Juliet C. Obodo
I write fantasy fiction and inspirational city guides. I love both sci-fi and fantasy due to the fact that I have a short attention span and books in these genres are able to hold my attention for more than a chapter. I love novels that introduce a sci-fi or fantasy element in to the pl More...


When living in a busy city or traveling to one it's often difficult to find a place where you're able to tap into your right brain's creativity. The Writer's Retreat Inspirational Travel Guide series lists the best independent eateries in your area or vacation destination. It has a selection of the best cafes, restaurants and coffee shops for writers, bloggers and students.

The locations are loiterer friendly with great food, coffee and staff. The New York City edition has over 100 cafes listed according to the neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. A collection of Inspirational Itineraries that take you to landmarks not often found in other guide books are also included to aid in ridding you of that pesky writer's block.

An amazing review of Writer's Retreat New York City that summarizes exactly why I wrote this book! This review is from: Writer's Retreat: New York City Edition: Cafes, Restaurants & Coffee Shops for Writers, Bloggers & Students (Kindle Edition) People may not realize this, but thanks to the popularity of Starbucks coffee shops and cafes have replaced bars and pubs as the new place to meet people and be social. Juliet C. Obodo's book, "Writer's Retreat" is not just a book for writers looking for a quiet cafe to sit and write in. It is also a book that provides an excellent list of all of the cool and hip coffee shops and cafes in the five boroughs of New York City; places where smart, sophisticated and attractive people go to have a nice, sobering cup of brew and also to be seen. As someone who lives in the West Village of Manhattan, there just aren't enough coffee shops to meet the demand. Coffee shops and cafes are springing up in commercial retail spaces previously abandoned due to the recession. Some cafes are opening up right along side each other, and even with such heavy competition, they all are filled to capacity on a weekend afternoon. Many times one has to leave a coffee shop upon entering because there just isn't any place to sit, and then the frustrating search for an alternate coffee shop to visit begins. Juliet C. Obodo's handy guide allows the reader to quickly find the locations of the trendiest (and sometimes little known) cafes. Every cafe and coffee shop in this book has a reputation for excellent service and quality. It serves as a reliable guide that one can use promptly when trying to find a great spot to study, read or meet on a first date. Juliet's detailed and accurate descriptions of decor, staff and atmosphere can really help the reader find that special cafe that will set the right impression, for them, or for that someone special. Even though this book is brand new there are new coffee shops and cafes springing up all over NYC as this review is written. I can't wait for the second edition of "Writer's Retreat" which will feature even more incredible places to have a nice cup of mocha.