Thoughts Influence Power Snippets

Thoughts Influence Power Snippets

ABOUT TR Johnson

TR Johnson
Realtor, entrepreneur and business writer, TR discovered her passion to inspire through writing seemingly by accident.

A heartbreaking health diagnoses turned her life upside down.  Earthly Angels came to the rescue helping her discover a passion she did not know existed.



Thoughts Influence Power Snippets is a tiny book with HUGE messages of love, hope and endless possibilities.
It is the true love story between a mother and daughter after a heartbreaking health diagnoses.

journey with this mother and daughter and their earthly Angels as you journey within to learn to love and appreciate all your tendencies.

Allow thoughts to be the friend you need on the best journey of your life. Thoughts Influence Power Snippets will have you crying, laughing and nurturing the people in your lives who help you be YOU, especially yourself..

Unexpectedly my daughter received a heartbreaking health diagnoses. Eight women from her job made a promise "to be there until you are well again". The women not only kept that promise - they continue to love, support and influence my daughter's life. Something special had to be done to thank these women I started calling Angels and after much thought I chose to write them a special thank-you letter. This thank-you letter grew and grew. I finally stopped at 20 pages, bound and wrapped them for Christmas presents. Then two amazing things happened, first, the women love what I wrote, imagine that. Second, I LOVED writing trying to inspire these women, it was the most stimulating thing I have ever done, so I kept writing. This writing evolved into a passion that continues to grow and is all based on the love my daughter received from our earthly Angels. All of my writing carries a theme "keeping hearts fed".