Akasha Sacred Travel: Europe

ABOUT Carolyn Cobelo

Carolyn Cobelo
Carolyn Cobelo is a highly regarded healer, channel, and spiritual teacher who is the founder and president of Akasha Entertainment, the world's premiere metaphysical media company dedicated to expanding consciousness. In addition to founding two metaphysical film festivals, Carolyn has wr More...


Amplify your enjoyment of Europe’s ancient ceremonial sites!  Enjoy a fantastic voyage into unseen realms of spiritual wisdom.  Attune to some of Europe's most powerful sacred places while sitting in your living room!

This stunning book offers you a unique way to personally experience the power of European holy sites. Author and sacred space expert Carolyn Cobelo presents the knowledge she gained in her many visits to ancient sites in Greece, Germany, France, Spain, England, and Ireland.

Enjoy inside access to the multiple dimensions of some of the most mysterious and powerful cathedrals, stone circles, sanctuaries, secret caves, and massive temples ever created on Earth. The book provides special prayers to say aloud and spirit messages for each power place. Carolyn also gives suggestions for preparing for your pilgrimage, brief individual historical accounts, and travel information.

Carolyn Cobelo has been at the forefront of the higher consciousness movement for over 30 years as a healer, author, channel, minister, and filmmaker.  Her primary guides have been Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Zarathustra, father of the Zoroastrian religion. She has been channeling spiritual messages at Earth’s sacred sites for over 25 years.  She is the author of "Avalon, Temple of Connection," a spiritual board game, and seven books on metaphysical topics. She has produced and directed two-award winning documentary films, Sacred Space: Searching for the Source, and Sacred Space: The Magical Land of Hawaii.  This book is the result of her many sacred pilgrimages to ancient ceremonial sites worldwide. Carolyn presently lives on the island Maui in Hawaii, where she leads Akasha Soul Celebration spiritual retreats and spiritually-oriented film festivals.

Carolyn Cobelo is one of the world's foremost experts on sacred space, having produced two award-winning documentary films in addition to her 1999 book "The Power of Sacred Space: Exploring Ancient Ceremonial Sites." This book, the first in a trilogy of sacred space travel guides, explores how you can connect with the power sacred energy of sacred spaces, temples, cathedrals, and caves throughout Europe.