Trapped in Innocence

Romance, Young Adult

By Christie Thigpen

Publisher : Thigpen Publishing & AuthorHouse

Trapped in Innocence

ABOUT Christie Thigpen

christie thigpen
As a little girl, I have always had this big immagination. Today, as a young lady I have decided to place that immagination into words and to translate those words into books.



Crystal Santiago a freshman at Virginia University.  Frankie Kyte is also a student at Virginia University.  Then there was the Queen, who loved to live her life on the edge.  All of them had dreams until one of them became ill.  What did the three of them have in common that tore their lives apart and devastated their dreams?

I have known alot of younger adults go off to college and they are either worried about a relationship, being home sick & etc. Thats why I chose to plot this book based on younger college kids and at the same time kind of give the parents a feel of what those kids go through when they are experiencing this dilema.