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ABOUT Anna Tenezi

Anna Tenezi
Anna Tenezi wasborn in Xanthi, Greece. After she finished high school, went to Thessalonica and studied Philosophy, Psychology, Greek Literature, and Art history at Aristotle University of Thessalonica. After finishing her studies, went to Cyprus, where worked as a Greek Language and Lit More...



In the maelstrom of time we create behaviours, some of which serve us well, but others cause us problems. Nevertheless, we continue repeating some of the undesirable behaviours in a way almost imperative. "MemGram®: The sum of your experiences since conception that have programmed your cells to be addicted to the opposite of what your Mind desires. This program controls you and is unknown to you until you experience MemGram® Processing, which is the process of unraveling, in the exact reverse order, the tightly bound web of experiences that have convinced your cells that happiness for you is most everything that you do not want your life to be. Once you understand what is your MemGram® and how it came to be, YOU will be free to control your destiny. You are here to learn what it feels like to be who you are not; you are not here to be who you are not, however, most people are living a life that they know is not who they really are." - Dr. Martin, BIRI Institute What is hidden behind these behaviours? Why do we repeat them, since they obviously complicate our lives? Can we change them? If yes, how? This book gives you answers to these questions. When you Know Your MemGram®. you Live A Transformed Life! Welcome to the challenging inner travel of self-knowledge, self-improvement, and change.