By Margaret Ethridge

Publisher : Turquoise Morning Press

ABOUT Margaret Ethridge

Margaret Ethridge
Margaret Ethridge lives with a sweet-talking Southern gentleman who claims to be her lawfully-wedded husband. She is the (not-so-wicked-but-she-has-her-moments) step-mother to their two children, the adoring mistress of three spoiled dogs, the food purveyor to eleven hungry goldfish, a More...


Sequel to Paramour

After twenty-five years of cooling his jets in a wall sconce, Frank DeLuca figured the afterlife owed him a break. Hadn’t he been a model ghost? He didn’t possess little kids, screw up the television reception, or throw random objects across the room just to get attention. Hell, he never even made creepy noises in the dead of night.

All he asked was a peaceful existence where someone would turn him on every once in a while. The light, that is. He needed just a little bit of light in his afterlife.

Instead, he got a sullen, silent little boy who cried for his mommy every night. The kid came with a set of hyper-tense grandparents whose marriage was crumbling under the weight of old insecurities and words left unspoken. As if that weren’t enough to drive a guy to hide out in his light fixture, providence tossed in a little a spitfire of a girl who flipped his switch in every way. Gina Ferro turned out to be the kid’s mother. She also happened to be a ghost.

Thrown together by Fate and bound by history, Frank and Gina must learn to trust each other with the keys to their pasts in order to unlock their eternity.

Welcome back to Warrenton, where love defies everything—even death. Once upon a time, a young boy named Frank DeLuca lived in this bedroom. His little league trophies lined the shelves; his toys littered the floor; his dirty socks lay balled up and forgotten under the bed. But little boys grow into young men, and sometimes young men make foolhardy choices. In Paramour, we met Frank DeLuca, the poster guy for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trapped with nothing but time to burn and a heart that lived on long after it stopped beating, he passed the limitless days and nights watching over Camellia Stafford, the girl who moved into his room as a toddler and grew up with a ghost in her light fixture. As Cam grew older, a passionate but impossible love grew from the unlikely friendship between a young woman who was afraid to live her life and a man trapped between this world and the next. When Brad Mitchum, the handsome guy next door, set his sights on Cam, Frank found himself in the fight of his afterlife. Suddenly, Cam was torn between two men, one living and one dead, and both vying for her love. Now, a new family has moved into Frank’s house, and a new little boy’s toys fill his bedroom. Elise and Nick Ferro hope their move to a new house will give their grandson, Jaden, the fresh start he needs. Jaden’s mother, Gina, wants nothing more than to watch over her baby, any way she can. Even if it means putting up with the obnoxious squatter camped out in the light fixture. We hope you enjoy Inamorata!