Marketing Methods for Small Factors & Brokers

Business, Money & Investing, Professional & Technical

By Jeff Callender

Publisher : Dash Point Publishing, Inc.

ABOUT Jeff Callender

Jeff Callender
Jeff has written numerous business books and ebooks on a specialized method of financing called factoring. He has also written a book of historical nonfiction based on the love letters from his father to his mother during World War II.



What are the most effective marketing methods to find new factoring clients? This is a vital question confronting all factors and factoring brokers, especially those new to the business. This book shows which tools have worked -- and which haven't worked -- for eight professionals in the industry.

Learn the most effective methods which have the lowest cost -- or no cost at all.
Read the contributors' specific advice as to what to do (and what not to do) as you get started.

The writers together have used a variety of marketing methods, including etworking groups, cold calls, direct mail, trade shows, referrals from clients/customers/brokers/other factors, public speaking, press releases, several online techniques including social media, and many more. Each writer describes his/her experience regarding the value of each method used.

The book includes suggestions for readers to determine which methods will work best for them. A must read for factors and brokers looking for new clients.

For many smaller factors, especially those just starting, marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of the business. I am frequently asked, “Which marketing methods work best? Which should I use? Which do YOU use?” To obtain the best answer to those questions, I believe you need to ask more than one person. That’s exactly what I did when creating this book, and the answers I received from seven other people who run successful factoring businesses are printed in this volume. My personal answer is there too, right alongside theirs. Reading all eight writers’ comments will help you determine what marketing methods will work best for you.