Top 10 Statements You Never Want to Hear

Business, Money & Investing, Professional & Technical

By Jeff Callender

Publisher : Dash Point Publishing, Inc.

ABOUT Jeff Callender

Jeff Callender
Jeff has written numerous business books and ebooks on a specialized method of financing called factoring. He has also written a book of historical nonfiction based on the love letters from his father to his mother during World War II.



Subtitled "Unwelcome Words for Factors From or About Their Clients," this ebook is guaranteed to elicit a few groans of agreement from experienced factors and appreciative acknowledgment from newbies. It is truly a lesson in the old adage, "forewarned is forearmed."

When you hear any of these statements from or about your factoring clients, you will be better prepared to take your best course of action. Another well-written, enjoyable ebook.