The Caress Of Younger Man


By Leanora Moore

Publisher : Publish America

The Caress Of Younger Man

ABOUT Leanora Moore

Leanora Moore
I am a published author of two novels with the third one coming out in November 2012. I am a mother of five teenagers and have been married for 13 years. I started writing as a little girl and as I became an adult i started reading romance novels daily. Then I decided to write my first nov More...



Eboni James is thirty six years old and is also a sexy and feisty Business Professor at USC in Los Angeles, Ca. Eboni feels her life is finally back on track after losing both her parents in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Eboni has a career she loves and is engaged to be married to her boyfriend that she's been dating for two years. Then Eboni falls into Jeremy Adam's muscular arms and her life is never the same.

Jeremy Adams is twenty two years old and is a senior in college and a wide reciever on the USC football team. After being hurt in past relationships, Jeremy decided to focus on school and football. Then out of the blue the woman of his dreams falls into his arms. Even when Jeremy finds out that Eboni is one of his professors, he won't let the school's rules about student - teacher relationships or Eboni's insecurties about their age diffrence stand in their way.