The Prodigal Prophet

ABOUT Dylan Morrison

Dylan Morrison
Hi I’m Dylan Morrison, an Irish author and blogger now living in Lincoln, a beautiful, historic, cathedral city in the east of England. I write for all who are seeking a spirituality that will satisfy the deep questioning that lies at the centre of their being. Having lived as an extre More...



The Prodigal Prophet' is a Forrest Gump-like account of a simple man in search of a pure faith among the Christian sects of Northern Ireland, the British mainland and North America during the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond.

As a satire it is hard to beat. It is spell-binding, head-shakingly absurd, comic, caustic and tragic - a see-saw of hopes raised and hopes dashed.

But it is not a satire. It is what really happened to Dylan Morrison, a fervent, credulous man in search of a Christian integrity worthy of his faith.

It's lessons stretch far further than the narrow confines of present day Christian observance. They apply to anyone in search of spiritual solutions who hopes to find them at the feet of a guru. A Christian churchman may be the ultimate oxymoron, but the spiritual Spiritualist isn't far behind.

Dylan finally comes to the conclusion that leaders need followers, and followers need leaders, and in that co-dependency lies the problem. From now on his allegiance is to Spirit alone.

Nevertheless, over the course of his journey, he has experienced many strange and miraculous phenomena from speaking in tongues, to prophesies that have come elliptically to pass, to collapsing in the presence of the Spirit. He has lost a son and been saved by another.

Redemption treads a winding path.