Love's Voice Changes You: Pat's Patters

ABOUT Pat Kammer

Pat Kammer
I am in my 77th year and just published my first book in Dec.2012.After many years of attending to a sick husband and going through the passing of my ┬ábeloved I was then able to focus on completing a life long dream. My book is about hearing the Voice of Spirit and being guided and direct More...



After a long struggle with difficult situations and an ailing husband, Pat's cry for help opened the door to miraculous answers. The guidance has since flowed easily and effortlessly, offering baby steps in spiritual growth and giving Pat the courage to walk her talk. Messages dictated by Spirit's Voice of Wisdom have been shared online through Pat's Patters, and now through this book, offering the way to fearlessness and peaceful, loving certainty. Pat's mission is to awaken those who are ready, to see the perfection within them. Discovering our true self is powerful beyond our wildest dreams. More than ever the time has come to be lights in this crazy world.