The Tempest Knights And Me#1


By Maria Garcia

Publisher : Kingslayer

ABOUT Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia
My name is Maria, I am an author of erotica and erotic romance writing under the pen name of Maria Garcia and Lucy Lu.Under the pen name of Maria my stories have themes of fantasy laced with lots of eroticism, with Lucy, the tales are slightly harder in tone and highly erotic. Why do I wr More...



The Tempest Knights & Me#1

All For One Does Not Necessarily Mean One For All
Elizabeth had watched some porn to try and prepare herself but quite frankly, it had left her cold and just a little disturbed. Now she listened to Arthur’s lawyer trying to keep her tongue and her temper under control but it was a battle she was rapidly losing.
“I must say Lady Elizabeth this is all deeply unorthodox. In all my years as legal advisor to the Kenferd Estate I have never known anything like it and off the record I would most strongly advise you to secure the services of a very good lawyer and challenge these outrageous demands. I am certain that with rigorous legal counsel this nonsense can be challenged and overturned.”
Lady Elizabeth Kenferd frowned her dark brown eyes revealing nothing of the turmoil raging inside her head.
“So the old bastard demands that I submit to this if I wish to keep the Estate and all assets, is that about it?”
The Lawyer, Bingley-Darkmore; a small mousy man nodded hiding his scandalised expression behind the bulky documentation pertaining to the Estate. The paperwork sat squat and immovable on a large ancient table.
“Read it again, Bingley.”
“Yes Countess”
Bingley cleared his throat and began to read: “Regarding my wife, Lady Elizabeth Bowen-Kenferd, 23rd Countess of Windermere and 3rd Baroness of Lionstar; as this most ungentle woman did during our marriage repeatedly refuse to open her legs and have me partake of her glorious sweetness or in any way share of her body as a good loving wife should but rather was a mean and most vindictive tight arsed bitch who made my life a living hell. I hereby state that the property of Kenferd Castle and all lands and possessions pertaining to said Estate including the Town houses in New York, London and Madrid and the summer residence in Jamaica together with all monies held in my bank accounts in the United Kingdom and Switzerland shall be forfeited and given to The English National Trust unless my Lady wife adheres to the following conditions: Lady Elizabeth Kenferd must submit to be fucked by The Tempest Knights. Eligibility to be a fuck-partner of The Countess entails the following: Said Tempest Knights must also be members of The Knight’s Table having participated in various tournaments and championships but be of lowly birth; holding no rank nor title. She is to submit and share her body with the Tempest Knights and do so freely, whenever and however it is demanded during the weekend of the Knights Table. Sexual congress with Knights who are not part of the Knight’s Table will result in the forfeiture of all property and connected investments.”
Elizabeth’s lips tightened to a grim line. She hated the Knights Table; a bloody historical re-enactment society glorifying ancient battles that no one could truly remember and cared even less about accept Arthur and his cronies. Elizabeth’s heart was tight in her chest a sense of growing panic taking hold. She hated sex; it had been a disgusting vile burden to submit to her weekly unions with Arthur. After each ordeal she had always felt sullied by the experience and cleansed herself in a scolding hot shower until her skin was red and raw. But now he had her; the futility of it all overwhelmed her.
“He knew I couldn’t wriggle out of this; challenging it would mean hiring a lawyer and going before a judge in a court of law, no matter how discreet we tried to make this something would leak out; remember this is the British Tabloid press we’d be dealing with, Bingley. They’d never let it go: a wealthy Estate worth billions, a Peer of the Realm and sex.

Elizabeth Countess Of Kenferd has been left a very rich widow by her late husband, the Earl of Kenferd. However there is one small catch ... She must sleep with the Tempest Knights ~ Athos, Porthos, Aramis, Grimaud, Mousequeton, Planchett, Basiin and De Rochefort Tempest to secure her billions. Elizabeth sets about the task with her heart entirely removed from the process determined to do what she must to secure her future. But there are troubles ahead. Elizabeth and the Knights will learn to their cost that: One For All Does Not Necessarily Mean All For One!